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Tar A Thi - Come Thou Being

Emerging from the Celtic lands, the ancient Céile Dé tradition leads us through the gap between our highest aspiration and our everyday reality. Even as we seek that which lies Beyond, we remain grounded in reverence for the Earth that gives us life and ever-births the Incarnation in our surrendered hearts. Suspended between Heaven and Earth, we follow our deep desire to unite the two in Christ and experience the transformative power of unconditional Love.

Sue Mosher, an ordained Céile Dé teacher, will offer a brief introduction to this tradition’s philosophy and practice, highlighted by sacred chants in Old Irish and Scots Gaelic.

This event is FREE to all. Donations will be accepted on behalf of the Céile Dé order in Scotland. 

Episcopal Church of the Advocate
8410 Merin Road
Chapel Hill, NC  27516

For those who wish to explore this tradition further, a weekend retreat will take place Nov. 14-16 at the New Hope Camp & Conference Center in Chapel Hill. Details available at or by contacting

To learn more about the Céile Dé tradition, visit