Marriage Preparation

I am very enthusiastic about the tools that the PREPARE/ENRICH program offers a couple -- no matter where they might be on their journey of life together, but especially as you prepare for marriage. Along with the tools come key insights into individual and shared strengths and challenges. PREPARE/ENRICH gives the two of you an opportunity to explore the issues that matter most to a healthy relationship, including stress, finances, and family connections. At the end of the program, you will not only understand your relationship and its dynamics better, but also will enjoy a new awareness of your individual qualities and inclinations.

The program begins with an online assessment, which each you completes separately. This assessment identifies your strength and growth areas, which I will share with you over several in-person 90-minute sessions, where we will work with various exercises. The exercises serve two purposes -- to illustrate and expand on the assessment results and to build better relationship skills. You each receive a copy of your main assessment results and a workbook with all the exercises, so that you can continue to explore them on your own. 

One of the things I like best about PREPARE/ENRICH is that the customized assessment works with both opposite-sex and same-sex couples; with couples who share religious background and those with no particular spiritual tradition or with different traditions; with couples who are living together, those with children from prior marriages, and those who have never been married. The data-centric assessment appeals to those who like graphs and numbers, while the conversation and exercises provide plenty of opportunity to deepen your communication. 

My fee for conducting the PREPARE/ENRICH program with a couple is $350, which includes the online assessment; your individual couple report, workbooks and other handouts; and four 90-minute sessions together. It is also possible to go through the program in three, six, or eight sessions, going into less or more depth as time permits. We can even convene via Skype if you aren't in the same city! 

For more information about PREPARE/ENRICH, please get in touch via the Contact page.