A little amateur land-sculpture

Mowing the lawn a few times this year -- a chore previously enjoyed exclusively by my husband, Robert -- gave me a new appreciation for the small bit of land that our house sits on in northern Virginia. I'm not skilled enough with the mower to carve neat patterns in the grass. I'm more tempted to take a tiller, shovel, and hoe to one corner (where the grass hardly grows), terrace it, and put in more stepping stones.

But yesterday's 6" snowfall offered an opportunity to sculpt the back yard on a large scale, with tools that I handle more easily than the mower -- a broom, a dustpan, and my own two feet. The result is a 7-circuit classical labyrinth. I can't wait to walk it under the full moon later tonight.

And what do you know? That unobstructed part of the back yard -- far from the bamboo -- is just about the right size for a labyrinth with 10" path.

My backyard labyrinth in Arlington, VA