Are you planning a wedding in the District of Columbia or Maryland? It is a joy and honor to act as celebrant for couples of all kinds. I also conduct marriage preparation using an online assessment and in-person feedback and can tailor the number of sessions to your needs and schedule. More info:

Celtic Spirituality

I have been following the contemplative Céile Dé tradition since 2009 and, as an ordained teacher, am able to introduce it to others, via either a workshop or individual sessions. I also offer general workshops on Celtic spirituality.

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Labyrinth Walks

I am a trained labyrinth facilitator, having studied with Lauren Artress, one of the leaders of the modern-day labyrinth revival. I enjoy creating unique labyrinth events and sharing images of the many outdoor labyrinths that I visit. More info: 

Place Keepers Journal

A blog by Sue Mosher exploring the sacred relationship
between people and place

St. Patrick and the Ancient Warrior

Here is one of my favorite St. Patrick stories, one that has nothing to do with snakes or shamrocks. It provides an image of the meeting of ancient ways and the new order that I find very tender -- and quite surprising, as St. Patrick is not often described as being such a friend to the older traditions.

Wheels on Fire

Well, here we are at last – in the final few days of the 26,000-year Mayan “long count” calendar, the one that has spawned so many books speculating about the end of the world. Of course, these are also the last few days of Advent – and the darkest days of winter, for Friday marks the winter solstice, the day with the least amount of daylight and the longest night. Dark days indeed, when our spirits are tried and we know not where to turn for solace. But is it the beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning?  

Labyrinth walks for the season

Feeling grateful? Or, maybe you're not sure what you're feeling as the holidays approach? Now is the time for a labyrinth walk! You can walk at your own pace and for your own reasons, without any fear of "doing it wrong", because whatever way you choose to walk the labyrinth will be just right for you. 

On Samhain
To mark the passing of each season in its turn is a way of affirming the ebb and flow of life and recognizing that we each have more islands to visit, more thresholds to cross before we finally reach Home. May all your harvests be gathered in safely and your fires kindled to welcome whoever knocks at the door. 
Finding Holy Water

Here's a question I never expected to be answering: “How do I go about finding holy water?” It came from a newcomer to the Céile Dé tradition, in which we use water to bless ourselves as part of our daily meditation practice. But it took me back quite a few years to the bat mitzvah (coming of age) ceremony for the daughter of long-time friends. The remarks that this young lady gave after her Torah passage touched on the nature of the holy. She observed that objects, such as a kiddush cup, are not sacred in and of themselves, but that holy is a quality that a thing acquires through its dedication to sacred purposes and its usage in a spiritual context. Thus, there is a human aspect to those material items that we cherish as holy.