Celtic Spirituality

The earliest Celtic Christians dovetailed their spirituality with parts of native pre-Christian lore, viewing their Druidic past as a “Celtic Old Testament” and finding in nature yet another scripture testifying to the reality of Creation. Since 2009, I have been following the Céile Dé path, a living, contemplative tradition based in Scotland. This ancient path seamlessly weaves together love of God, reverence for nature, and a deep desire to unite the two in Christ.


The Place Keepers Journal blog features some of my writings on Celtic spirituality

The Céile Dé paidirean (or prayer beads) has 150 beads in three sections. 

The Céile Dé paidirean (or prayer beads) has 150 beads in three sections. 

As an ordained teacher or oide, I am honored to be able to introduce the Céile Dé tradition to others via retreats where participants will:  

  • Hear about the ancient holy days of the Gael
  • Sing ancient Gaelic sacred chants
  • Begin to learn about a way of life that contributes to real personal transformation

Newcomers will have the opportunity to experience further, ongoing practice within a local group that offers a powerful container for those who seek a path that invites commitment and openness to real inner change. Groups are active in Washington, DC, and in central Virginia, as well as in other parts of the U.S. and U.K.

Past topics for retreats for the general public include:

  • Introduction to Celtic Spirituality
  • The Sacred Feminine in Celtic Christianity
  • St. Brigid pilgrimage at Washington National Cathedral
  • St. Patrick pilgrimages at Washington National Cathedral 

Please use the Contact page to get in touch if you'd like to know more about the Céile Dé tradition or explore possibilities for a Celtic spirituality workshop.