Looking for Outlook Help?

A word from Sue Mosher: I am no longer working professionally as a desktop software guru and developer, nor am I providing support for Outlook issues in various online forums. 

If you need help with an Outlook issue, I recommend first visiting the following web sites (which I founded and have passed on to other operators). They have articles on how to use and program for Outlook and forums where you can ask for help on a specific problem.

Outlook Books

I am also the author of hundreds of articles and seven books on Microsoft Outlook, including the bestselling Microsoft Outlook Programming: Jumpstart for Administrators, Power Users, and Developers and the latest version, Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming, released in June 2007.  

Looking for Programming Help?

As noted above, I am no longer taking on Outlook programming projects. If you want to hire someone to assist you with a development project, send a message to outlook-dev-hire@yahoogroups.com with details, including the Outlook versions to be supported. After the moderator approves your message, it will go out to a list of Outlook developers, who will respond to you directly if they're interested. (Note that you will receive no confirmation that your message has gone to the list.)

If you are an experienced Outlook developer and would like to be a member of the outlook-dev-hire mailing list, please visit the list's web page or send a request to outlook-dev-hire-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.