25 labyrinths in 10 months

Neglected labyrinth at First Christian Church, El Paso, TX

My labyrinth marathon of 2009 continued right into the last week of the year, when I walked -- with some difficulty -- the neglected labyrinth at First Christian Church in El Paso, TX. What's going to happen to the labyrinths built today and in the past 10-15 years when their donors and building committees pass on? This sad site brought home that question, which I'll explore in a future post. 

Total for the year -- or rather, for the 10 months of activity from March through December: I walked 25 permanent outdoor labyrinths in 11 states. These are documented on a Google Map, so you can find out if I walked one in your neighborhood. I also built or helped build 3 temporary outdoor installations and walked indoor labyrinths at three churches. This was also the year I joined The Labyrinth Society and took the Veriditas labyrinth facilitator training. I also participated in a women's labyrinth dream quest facilitated by Judith Tripp.

My labyrinth-related goals for 2010 are taking shape: