Whose park is it?

Those of us fortunate enough to live near public parks often take those spaces for granted. The experience of women in Kabul, though, provides a reminder that they truly are gifts. One woman who works at a Kabul women-only park donated by India described how it is changing the attitude of women towards themselves: 

"For many women, having someone come from another country and offer this little garden was really new. Some asked me, 'Why would they see me, an Afghan woman, as important?'" 

Isn't everyone be important enough to have a safe space to play, reflect, chat, and learn?

It wasn't enough, though, just to build the park and supply it with armed guards. Tamana Ghaznewil, the park worker, explained the outreach that brought women to the park:

"Our classes and our park are so busy -- but only because India went to the Kabul slum areas and talked to the women about coming."

Is that the way it works in your neighborhood? Are there populations who aren't aware that the parks are for them?